"Mustang Millie"


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  "T Cross Farm's Mustang Millie"


A new generation comes along!!!

Meet Abby's daughter Macey

a.k.a. "The Peanut"

She is definitely a 'chip off the old block'!! Mule crazy as her Mom, with a lot of 'spoiling' from Nana and Grandpa (Peanut)!

Millie is every bit as crazy about Macey as she is about Abby!   Millie at 19 and Macey at 4 is a pretty good match


Abby and Millie


Abby and Millie.jpg (47160 bytes)

sire : Unknown  dam: Unnamed Mustang Mare

Millie is  owned and trained by our daughter Abby Vander Tuig

Click here here to visit with Abby

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Congratulations Abby!!!!  

2004 I.D.M.S. State Show

(Bloomfield, IA)

High Point Youth


2004 All Star Mule Show

(Columbia, Mo)

1st Place in 14 - 18 Trail Class

2nd Place in 14 - 18 Mulemanship

When Abby started riding Millie in the spring of '99 she was 12 and Millie was 5.  They made the kind of  "connection" we all hope for with our mule.  They went to a few mule shows that year, did pretty good, and haven't looked back since.  Abby and Millie were High Point Youth at the Iowa  Donkey and Mule Society State Show in 2003 and 2004.                                                 


 Abby horse fair.jpg (48246 bytes) Abby and Millie at the 2004 Iowa Horse Fair

  At the 2003 Iowa Horse Fair demonstrating the "Indian Bridle"

 wpe1E.jpg (2065 bytes) Winning youth Hi-Point at the IDMS 2003 State Show

   "Bored" Millie at a show.  Think she's done this a few times?!?

 Millie glasses.jpg (73972 bytes) Millie showing her true beauty while camping at Elk Rock State Park.  

 wpe3B.jpg (28747 bytes) MDMA Show, 2001

 wpe3D.jpg (26327 bytes)Cameron Mule Clinic #2       

 wpe3F.jpg (40635 bytes) Preparing for a bath

 wpe41.jpg (33530 bytes) Anyone else need a ride?!                                                                            

 wpe43.jpg (44395 bytes) Swimming at Eminence, Mo ~ 1999





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