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AQHA 'Super Sparks Jane'

at 9 yrs

at 11 yrs

at 18 yrs

Roan is our bay, 15h, 1995 AQHA mare.  We have had her since 1998.  We sent her off to be trained in reining and turned out to be an outstanding cutting mare.  We turned her into a mule Momma in 1999, when her 1st baby won the Iowa Futurity in 2000 (Scooter's Rusty Jewels) she just kept on makin' great mules.  We had 8 mule foals 'with' her (she also raised an orphan along with her baby 1 year) and sold all of them except her 2005 john "Gill favor" that Tim kept for himself.  Unfortunately we lost him in 2009 in a freak accident.  Her 'Copper' foal (Sunny's Coppertone Girl), a molly, in 2007 also won the Iowa Futurity and has lived with Mike McFarlane in Oregon since she was a yearling.

 We sold her to Scotty and Melanie Wilson in 2011 and they raised 2 nice mules with her.  The first is now in Wisconsin and the other around Bourbon, MO

 We bought her back July, 2013, and she is making babies for us again!.  She is bred to Wilson's "The Colonel" jack for 2014

Several years ago Sheila's mare 'Possum' went blind.  After that, when we would move the mares to another pasture, 'Roan' would take 'Possum' around the fences and gates of the new pasture.  She would make 2 rounds around it, every time we moved them, so 'Possum' knew where everything was.  CRAZY SMART!!!

She is part of the family and will be here forever now!!

This video, 8/04/2013, is the 1st time Roan was ridden in 8 years, the 3rd time in 14 years, for a total of, at the most, maybe 90 minutes.  I spent a few minutes on the ground with her and stepped aboard!  Loping circles within 10 minutes! 


AQHA 'Chickadee Lark'