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For Sale

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What are you looking for? Click here and let us know.  We know a lot of mule people and are always watching for good mules for sale.

Presenting the mules Sheila and I have hand picked to take to

'Jake Clark's Mule Days'

"America Finest Select Saddle Mules Auction"

that is held Father's Day, 2014, Ralston, WY


"The Weather Girls"



Disposition 2. 15h, 1100 lbs. Stormy is a really nice, quiet, friendly mare mule that will meet you at the gate or in the middle of 100 acres. She is easy to clip, is good with the farrier, loads good, stands good to mount and is accustomed to a mounting block.  She has a deep heart girth and a huge hip.  Stormy carries her head level with or below her withers and will stay collected and rounded up in any gait.  She has a lot of ‘feel’ and you can control and move her front end, rib cage and rear end.  This nice, flashy, classy mare mule has a good walk, a slow jog trot and a fast long trot and a smooth lope.  She will stay in whatever gait you ask for with very little effort, a tribute to her quarterhorse mother.  She was ridden most of her life by a neighbor girl that showed her some.  Stormy lives across the fence from our cattle and isn’t worried by them and we have used her to move them pasture to pasture.  She will lope circles, big and small, in both directions in the correct lead.  Stormy has been trail ridden a lot and has been hog hunted on in some very rough terrain.  Stormy was born during Hurricane Katrina, so she will turn 9 in late August.  Come see us at Jake and Kay’s and take her for a ride. Our name is on the trailer or give Tim a call at 573-263-2265.

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Disposition 3, 15h 1000 lbs. 8 year old Cloudy is a very, very fancy, very eye catching 15h bay paint mule with one glass eye.  She has a very pretty, fluid way of going that really shows off her color and athletic ability.  You can lope circles either way in the correct lead and make those circles as big or small as you want.  You can speed her up and slow her down at a walk, trot and lope.  Cloudy has been used to pen cattle in a stock yard and will pin her ears back and get after a cow, or will eat alongside of them.  Cloudy has been hog hunted, has lead dogs and has dragged a hog out.  This classy mare mule is easy to catch in a stall or outside and loads good.  She stands good to mount and is accustomed to a mounting block.  Cloudy stands nice to saddle and is easy to bridle.  You can move her rear end, rib cage and front end independently so she is easy to back, side pass and turn around.  Cloudy would be a great mule if she was a solid brown mule, or bay or sorrel …. but she’s not!!!!  Cloudy has color out of this world!!! Come see us at Jake and Kay’s and take her for a ride. Our name is on the trailer or give Tim a call at 573-263-2265.

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I know he's not a mule ... but he is something very, very special!!

We are offering a very nice, very classy, very quiet yearling colt for sale. His Mom is a daughter, not Granddaughter, of Rugged Lark! Rugged Lark was AQHA Superhorse in ’85 and ’87 and the only Superhorse in the history of the AQHA to produce 2 Superhorses! Rugged Lark earned 326 performance points in his show career and was the first American Quarter Horse to earn the coveted Superhorse title twice, in 1985 and 1987. He also was an AQHA Superior Western Pleasure Horse, Superior Hunter Under Saddle Horse, and Superior Trail Horse. In 1987 he was the World Champion Senior Hunter Under Saddle Horse. In 1985 he was the World Champion Pleasure Driving Horse. He earned AQHA points in Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter Hack, Reining, Working Hunter, Western Riding, Pleasure Driving, and Barrel Racing.

Oh ya!

His Dad is a Son, not Grandson, of Colonel Freckles! Colonel Freckles was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 2004. Colonel Freckles remains on list after list of influential Quarter Horse sires. The $4,671,860 won by his own sons and daughters and the $14 million won by his grandsons and granddaughters in cutting, reining, and reined cow horse is a testament to the qualities that Colonel Freckles possessed and passed on -- cooperative spirit, intelligence, and athletic ability.

’Freckles’ has the ability bred into him to do anything you can think of and is gorgeous, too! We have left him ’intact’ so you can decide where you would like to take him, but where could you go find a stallion prospect bred like this that looks like this?


For Sale: $2500.00


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" I've got color on my .... color!!! "




'Tatonka' is a 2005, 14.1h leopard spotted john mule.  He is really quiet.  Shoes, trims, loads and catches great.  He stands good to get on and off either side is coming along really nice!  He is so quiet, nice and very, very smart!  He learns so quickly!

 We are very tickled with Tatonka!

Not for sale at this time

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Check with my buddy Loren at www.pairadicemules.com


My 'other' buddy Loren ..... (Jiggs) at www.rafter5lmules.com

These guys are my best Buddies.  Hog huntin' Buddies, mule ridin' Buddies and I will vouch for them 100%.  They are both honest men and we love and sell the same type of mules. I'm just prettier than them!