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What are you looking for? Click here and let us know.  We know a lot of mule people and are always watching for good mules for sale.



" I've got color on my .... color!!! "




'Tatonka' is a 2005, 14.1h leopard spotted john mule.  He is really quiet.  Shoes, trims, loads and catches great.  He stands good to get on and off either side is coming along really nice!  He is so quiet, nice and very, very smart!  He learns so quickly!

 We are very tickled with Tatonka!

Not for sale at this time

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Didn't find what you're looking for???

Check with my buddy Loren at www.pairadicemules.com


My 'other' buddy Loren ..... (Jiggs) at www.rafter5lmules.com

These guys are my best Buddies.  Hog huntin' Buddies, mule ridin' Buddies and I will vouch for them 100%.  They are both honest men and we love and sell the same type of mules. I'm just prettier than them!