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For Sale

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What are you looking for? Click here and let us know.  We know a lot of mule people and are always watching for good mules for sale.


" Journey "

2005, 15h John mule

We have decided to offer our 'Journey' mule For Sale.

 He is a 9 yr old, 15h john mule out of a quarter mare and the jack 'Really Dun It'.

Journey is... a mule with a big motor and, while anybody that can ride can ride him, you need to realize he has a lot of GO and it sits right there waiting to be asked for.



He is easily controlled, rides 'in the bridle' and will go just about anywhere you ask. I haven't found a place he won't go. He is traffic

safe, rides with dogs, not bothered by cattle and I used him hog hunting and lead dogs several times.

He loads, clips, bridle and saddles great. He is ok with the farrier, not perfect but ok.

Journey has been ridden in the arena a bunch and has spent countless hours on the trails around here. He is soo much fun to trail ride in rough country as he travels safe and climbs steep grades with the best of them. I have never found his 'worn out' point. He will go forever and rides really smooth. This nice boy will long trot for miles and miles. Then you can go into an arena and lope circles, small and slow or large or fast, in either direction, neck reins and works well off of your legs. He moves well off of his front end or rear end, lateral trots and side passes. Journey has a lot of speed, controlled speed and will slide to a stop.

If this is the kind of mule you like, and I like him a lot, come see us and we'll make a nice circle in the timber and you can play around in the arena



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