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" Obie "

2009, 15.2h John mule




After a lot of soul searching we have decided to offer 'Obie' FOR SALE (Not ON SALE). Obie has been such a pleasure to work with. He is very smart and picks up new things quickly.

Obie stands great to saddle and to mount and stands still until you ask him to move. He will 'give you his face' in any gate and lopes nice circles taking both leads, has a nice jog trot and a ground eating long trot. He will walk along slowly with others or you can ask him to speed it up and ...it takes a hard walker to keep up!

As you can see in the video Obie is working well off the leg when I am loping different sized circles bridle-less, and is neck reining nicely. You can draw circles moving his back end around both ways and he will pivot pretty good on his back end. He side passes and gets gates. You can ride off by yourself or go in a group.

In the video you can see he will go pretty well anywhere I ask him. including across our 4 acre pond .... twice!!!

We rode along on a 'wagon ride' and he took it all in stride! If you have ever done that, you know that teams and wagons can be very scary and those wagons move right out! Obie watched the teams for a short while but then paid no attention to them and would stand around, walk, walk fast, jog trot, long trot and lope along to keep up and did it all with his head down, 'in the bridle'. He trailers good and will back out if asked and will stand tied for hours without pawing or throwing a fit and he ground ties pretty good.

This nice big boy has never offered to buck, run off, bite or kick. Once he gets to know you he is a big kitten that loves attention and will meet you at the gate or you can catch him in the middle of the pasture. He has good withers and holds a saddle very well.

As I said, NOT ON SALE, but Obie is now FOR SALE. You can email me at tim@tcrossfarm.com or the link below or you can sure enough give me a call at 573-263-2265. I look forward to visiting with you about this nice boy!


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These guys are my best Buddies.  Hog huntin' Buddies, mule ridin' Buddies and I will vouch for them 100%.  They are both honest men and we love and sell the same type of mules. I'm just prettier than them!