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What are you looking for? Click here and let us know.  We know a lot of mule people and are always watching for good mules for sale.



Tim Cross's photo.

2002 model, 54" tall mare mule

Tim Cross's photo.




Meet 'Holly'! She is a 13 yr old mare mule that stands right at 13.2h (54") you can see in the pictures that she is loose in the middle of her 2 acre trap and we walked up to her and put the halter on after taking these pictures. She is quiet and nice to be around, dogs don't bother her, she clips easy and walks right in the trailer. She hasn't been babied a lot.  Holly neck reins and is giving her face nicely. She stands good to saddle and mount and willingly walks away from the barn in a group or alone. She's old enough to know better and young enough to last for years and years and , as you can see, fancy to gaze upon!!!



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These guys are my best Buddies.  Hog huntin' Buddies, mule ridin' Buddies and I will vouch for them 100%.  They are both honest men and we love and sell the same type of mules. I'm just prettier than them!