T Cross Farm's Cowgirl Casey

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1996 Mare Mule

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Casey is a 15.1h bay molly that we've had for several years.  She won Grand Champion Molly at the 2002 Iowa Donkey and Mule Society State Show and Abby missed High Point Youth by just a few points.  Casey has had 60 days reining training and is very cow-y.  She is a lot of fun to ride whether it is trail riding, working cattle, showing or just "playing."  She gets a lot of attention because she is an exceptional mule.

Iowa State Show 



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At their first show, 2004, Grand Champion

Madison County Fair, Winterset, IA July 17, 2004

1st Mare Mule

Grand Champion Mule

1st Adult Pleasure

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Waiting (nervously) before going into the ring at Columbia, MO.

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Iowa Donkey and Mule Society State Show, Bloomfield, IA August 28, 29, 2004

Reserve Champion Mare Mule

1st Adult Mulemanship

1st Adult Walk - Trot

High Point Adult


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Iowa Donkey and Mule Society State Show 2005

Grand Champion Mare Mule

1st Women's Western Pleasure


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