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Any and all of the mules you find here have been tested, trained and ridden to meet our stringent requirements to make them a willing and happy riding partner for you


For Sale – $17,500.

Powell Point, Tropic, Utah


is our 2014 gray mare mule that we have owned since 2016. We purposely brought her along really slow as we have known for a long while how special she has been, how exceptional she is now and how wonderful she will be forever!

She is the last of 5 young mules we bought from friends, and they have all turned out great! All of them were by the same jack, a son of ‘(Texas) Scooter’s Banjo Boy’ and from working Mom’s. Mystery’s Mom was a ‘Smart Little Lena’ bred mare that worked daily on cattle.

Mystery has finally got to 15h tall and at 7 years old I ASSume she is done growing.

This nice girl has been ridden by herself (except for our dogs running in and out) 90% of her life. She is fine being anywhere in a group riding and will just go along with the speed of the group. If you put her out front, or turn her loose when riding alone, she loves to go! It takes a good walker to keep up with her, but you can bring her down to the speed you are comfortable with.

When she gets surprised or startled, she plants all 4 feet. no spin, no run, no jump sideways.

‘Myst’ has a little bit of billy goat in her! She can claw and dig and get up and over anything and will not quit you.

I have spent a lot of time working on moving the different parts of her body, individually. Not because I want to do a ‘reining pattern’ or ‘dressage’ (tho she could excel in those disciplines with a little more work) but because I like to be able to move her over, around and back when trail riding and hunting.

She has led pack mules, pony colts, led dogs … not a problem! New things aren’t a big deal for her. She’s brave and interested. It is easy to talk her through strange or new things.

as you may know I was laid up for the better part of 2 years and had trouble mounting, so …….this was our 3rd attempt at mounting from the fence. She did GREAT!!
Riding at Losee Canyon in Utah. (Photo by buddy Scott Sallee)

I went to Bryce Canyon Mule Days in Utah, 2021, and helped guide organized rides. Mystery was great in front, riding drag or somewhere in the middle of the group!

Willis Creek slot canyons in Utah
On top of the world at Powell Point, Tropic Utah

As I have aged, I try really hard to ‘warm up’ the mules I ride. Here is Mystery in a typical exercise. I do a lot of disengaging the different parts of her body. you can see she is really working hard at keeping her head disengaged from her shoulders, trotting circles with her head outside of the circle. This helps so much with the typical mule ‘shoulder dropping’. Mystery is so much fun to ride!!!

We are fortunate to have a really nice clear water river, the Current, close to home and ridable. This river is usually very busy with floaters, kayakers and canoes. It was cool on the day so floaters were rare. The water was a little higher than normal, but it’s so much fun!!

What a nice girl!!!